How to earn money using youtube

How to earn money using youtube

Many people know about Youtube but still many of us do not know that youtube can give us lots of income. It is the easiest way to earn money without any investment. It requires no education skills no practical skills. Just need talent. It is the easiest way to become rich.

So, today on this topic I will tell you How to earn money using youtube.


Make a youtube channel:

  • Youtube channel is absolutely free. It is not like tv channel. A youtube channel requires only your Gmail account and nothing else.
  • Create a free youtube channel.
  • Give the channel a unique name.
  • Set a nice profile picture for the channel.

Good content:

  • Youtube is a place which is full of entertainment. So try to Upload good and best quality videos.
  • Your 1st video may not be the best one but try to make it good.
  • Try to upload funny content or comedy. such kind of content is liked by all the people.

Upload videos regularly:

Your 1st video will not gain any views also it will not help you in getting subscribers. So add more and more entertaining videos. Do not get upset if you do not get any likes or views. Upload the videos regularly.


Make subscribers:

  • If you add good quality videos or funny videos there is more chance to get the subscriber.
  • To get more and more subscriber you need to upload your own content your own videos.
  • The videos should be like funny, chef and kitchen related, healthcare, beauty tips, comedy, haircare, technical tips and unboxing videos. This videos will gain you more subscribers.


Do not break youtube policy:

Never ever upload copyrighted videos or hate speech or sexual related videos. youtube hates their creators if they do such things. They will penalize your channel if you upload such things also they can close your channel or ban your channel for the lifetime.



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