6 Apps from which you can earn money

6 Apps from which you can earn money

Everybody has to earn money by sitting at home. So, here on this topic, I will tell you some of the best and top rated “6 Apps from which you can earn money”.


Mcent is the most trusted app to earn money. You can earn a lot of money from Mcent.

  • What you have to do is you have to share the app and if someone goes through the link and download the app from that particular link then you will get the money.
  • You can earn 150 or 200 rupees per day by just sharing the link.
  • Try to share more and more people to money.



Paytm is the most useful app to earn money. Here in Paytm, their many cashback offers. You can use this cashback offers to earn at least 300 Paytm cash per day.

  • There is one another way to earn Paytm cash is by recharging for others yes, that’s true.
  • I told you there are so many Paytm cashback offers and promo codes if you use this promo codes and cashback offers if you recharge for other people then you can earn money from this promo codes this is one simple way to earn money.



YouTube is one of the most useful apps to earn in Millions. By using YouTube you can income a lot of money.

  • You have to upload your own content videos. The videos should have to be nice and funny or any education-related videos from that video if you get views then you will get money from the YouTube it requires no education.


We all know what OLX is it requires no introduction. OLX can be a very useful app to earn a lot of money just by selling your old products which are no useless to you.

  • For example, you have an iPhone and you do not use the phone you can sell the phone for the perfect rate and if people like the phone people they will pay money to you and they will buy your iPhone for the best price this is one of the smartest ways to earn money.



“Champcash” is same like Mcent all you have to do is you have to share the link of your “champcash” app and if people download the app just by going through the link if they do that you will get the money.

  • There are many apps to be shared through champcash if you share all the apps one by one then you can earn lots of money from this champcash app.


6.Google survey app:

Google survey is the easiest way to earn money.What you have to do is you have to take the survey or you have to take the challenge that you will be given by Google and if you solve the survey or the challenge for solving the survey you will get paid.


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