How Wi-Fi network works

How Wi-Fi network works

Today in this topic we will discuss How Wi-Fi network works. 

We usually play with the Wi-Fi networks daily we receive and send lots of data through Wi-Fi but have you ever thought that How Wi-Fi network works so just stick into this topic I will tell you How Wi-Fi network works.

10 to 20 years ago if we used to tell the people that we are receiving and sending messages from air people used to laugh at us it seems like we are joking with them but it’s true nowadays we send videos photos and lots of messages in the air it means we send all these messages over Wi-Fi.

What are wifi signals?

First of all, we have to understand that there are many kinds of Rays like X-rays, Gamma Rays, ultraviolet rays, UV rays, and radio waves. In Wi-Fi, we use radio waves and infrared waves. Wi-Fi usually works offer infrared rays and radio waves.

But still, this question comes that How Wi-Fi network works, first of all, we need to understand that our computers or our programming languages understand only the binary numbers that are 0 and 1.

Have you any stone in a pond if you have done that then you have already seen that as soon as you throw that stone so many waves come out from the water and this waves riches to the last end of the pond. The Wi-Fi signal works same like waves in the pond.

Now the main thing is how the big companies who provide us the Wi-Fi connection How they send their Wi-Fi to us so that we can use the Wi-Fi and we can do our basic stuff. Here the main thing is they convert the main connection 0 and 1 and the net connection converts this connection riches your phone.

Only the 0 and 1 binary numbers they will reach on our phone and this numbers will provide us the encrypted and the secured Wi-Fi networks.

Bands in the wi-fi:

There are some Wi-Fi bands like 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz we usually use 2.4 gigahertz because these gigahertz gives us the poor Wi-Fi connection but it also gives us the high range.

what wifi band NASA use?

The companies like NASA and all such companies they commonly used 5 gigahertz connection because they need high-speed network connection because everybody knows what NASA like companies do In their day to day life their connection has to be really strong so that is why they use 5 gigahertz band or maybe something else.

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